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    With you and all of our clients, we aim to establish a clear and effective partnership combining client investment capital with our investment knowledge. The better we understand your goals, fears and hopes, the better we can help you to construct an investment strategy that will meet your future demands. Such a partnership depends on trust, competence, consistency and openness. Our firm is built around staff that can build an investment strategy for you, but it is shared time and experience that truly makes a strong financial relationship.

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    In many ways we set out to treat your investment affairs as if they were a business. They deserve that level of care and attention. It is our responsibility to formulate an investment strategy for you and to place this within a coherent financial plan. Competence and discipline are important, but so is judgement. That means not only achieving investment performance, but also correctly timing the entry and exit of investment markets.

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    Arjent is a privately owned company controlled by its directors and staff. We are intimately interested and involved in our clients’ portfolios .We experience no undue pressures from external owners. Investments are chosen solely for portfolios on their merits and value to our clients. Privacy and discretion are also of paramount importance. Clients trust us and share personal information with us in the knowledge that it is only accessed by those with direct responsibility for their accounts. Ours is a private service.